Buscarás una nueva tierra cuando la tuya se seque de tanto dar sin recibir (2018) 

You will search for a new land when yours dries up from giving and giving without getting anything in return (2018)

Artist books: cyanotype and screeprinting on paper. 2018
Three hand printed and hang bound books that speak to personal and collective memories of migration in the context of the current Venezuelan diaspora and migrant crisis.

Book 1 reflects an attempt to put together in one book all of my digital photographic archive from when I lived in Caracas (1997-2015).

Time stamp: 0:00

Book 2 starts with an image of Venezuelans pouring into Colombia through the Simon Bolivar International Bridge, and then a dot pattern created from the image gets printed over and over through the spreads.

Time stamp: 0:30

Book 3 represents a collection of sorts, a book of empty books. Here, book number 1 lives amongst many others, which symbolize other migrants and their own archives and stories. 

Time stamp: 0:43

Book 3 is a zine-fold map that attempts to visually represent the diaspora, where a dot is connected by lines to lands where Venezuelans have migrated.

Time stamp: 1:02

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